My name is Romana Vaclavikova. I was born in Czech Republic and since 2004 I live in The Netherlands.

Since 1995 I've started painting and drawing like a self-taught artist.

"Everything I create is spontaneous, I like to work intuitively, and all my ideas arise in the moment itself.

I'm inspired by sustainability and recycling trash. I see art in every form and this is captured in many of my artworks. I incorporate a mix of different materials, such as paper, wood, cables..etc. It brings life to my paintings.


I'm also fascinated by the power of colors and texture, the complexity of lines and the form.

I'm on a new and exiting journey that involves experimenting with wood. The feeling of giving wood a new life trought my paintings has been an amazing experience. During this process, I have learned that wood is an excellent medium, and as a result, the texture can give the paintings or an image a completely different dimension.


If you are searching for something that does not yet exist, I'm happy to create it for you. Besides selling my own work, I also paint on commission.
You are also welcome to visit my Atelier in Art Center Aalsmeer.

My studio is located in the Art Centre Aalsmeer,

Atelier nr. 46

Aalsmeerderweg 230 

1432 CW Aalsmeer